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Disclaimer We, at Mysore Saree Udyog, do not collect any information regarding debit/credit card information or details such as debit/credit card number, expiry date, CVV , bank details, OTP or any passwords from our Customers. All credit/debit card /bank details and other payment instrument related details are to be disclosed only in the Payment Gateway page (128-bit encryption) to which you are redirected to after placing the Order on the www.mysoresareeudyog.com website.

Best Price challenge

What is the Best Price Challenge?


If you buy a product from our store and if you find an identical product at any other online store at a lower price than our Online store, Mysore Saree Udyog (MSU) will match the lower price plus give you an additional discount of 10% - Buy With Confidence!


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Terms & Conditions:


  1. At MSU, we sell exclusive and authentic products, which may not be available elsewhere.  There may be replicas of these products available at other online stores at lesser prices.  However, should the identical product be available at any other online store at lower price, MSU commits to pay the difference in price + give an additional discount of 10%.
  2. MSU will examine the alternative product available at a different online store as identified by the customer, check the quality, get it certified by its Quality Control team that the product is identical (should be of same design, fabric, texture, and color, and not listed under any kind of offer or discounts), and its availability at a lesser price at the other online store.  If MSU finds the lower priced item to be the same, MSU will pay the price difference and an additional 10% discount to the Customer.
  3. The Customer will need to send the Unit Code of the item bought at MSU, the link of the online URL at which the same product is available at a lower price and the SKU Code as in the other online store for the products to be compared.


For any queries please contact customerservice@mysoresareeudyog.com